Request a Marketing Project

This form is used when you have a request for an unusual marketing project.  The timeline for new projects to be added to the department workflow are listed below.

  • Stage 1- Project request form submitted
  • Stage 2- Gathering of project information
  • Stage 3- Marketing creates project brief and deliverables list
  • Stage 4- Department review - approval of brief and deliverables list, assigned to a specialist, or event booked
  • Stage 5- Design- 1st draft
  • Stage 6- Department review of 1st draft
  • Stage 7- Redesign if needed
  • Stage 8- Review of 2nd draft
  • Stage 9- Final departmental approval- design complete
  • Stage 10- Ready for production and/or publishing



Special Marketing Project
What are You Requesting?
For example: a photo shoot, live broadcast, social media, post card, email, print piece for an event, letter for mailing, handout or leave behind piece, campaign etc.
How do you intent to use this Special Project?
example: company notification, mailed out to territory, carry with me piece, email only, territory use all year, special event one time only use etc.
Is there a specific date this is needed by or needed on? //
Please keep in mind not all requests may be able to be added to workflow and make a short deadline
OSV products affected with this project
What core products will this project focus on?
List (Multiple Choice)
Other OSV products
Describe your project, content, how it will be used etc.
Requester information
Sales or Customer Service story referrer
Requester Name
Requester's Phone Number or Extension -- ext
What number would you like to be called on if there is a question about this request?